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Information Speaks. Advice Listens.


OverShare Advice and planning, LLC offers formal Financial Planning and Investment Advisory services in Frisco, Texas with both local and virtual online meetings.

Our CEO, Mike Kurz, CFP®, CIMA®, CAIA, CPWA® serves as Financial Planner working with you to first understand the services and engagements that would work best for you.  Then each new Client Family receives a formal proposal that documents each item that you will work together on throughout the process. 

Step #1

Financial Planning services are provided for a simple flat fee with flexible payment plans and allows you to access full and complete financial planning areas of advice without a specific asset or investment minimum. In addition, our financial planning services do not require your investment accounts to be transferred or moved from your existing investment firms or advisors for the process to begin or to be completed. Financial Planning fees typically start at $2500 for a full financial plan.

Step #2

For Investment Advisory services OverShare Advice and Planning, LLC constructs personalized investment portfolios for each Client Family based on your financial planning results together with being critical on any investment expenses and income taxes due to investment activity. This step is optional after completing the first step of financial planning. There is a $500,000 minimum for investment advisory services that involves risk assessments, asset allocation, investment research, due diligence, investment selection and monitoring, structured rebalancing along with trading and implementation.


The Financial Planning and Investment Advisory services you select are supported with online smart technology for encrypted file sharing, financial planning software for projections and tax estimates, investor risk tolerance questionnaires online together with your choice of in-person or online video meetings.

Fiduciary Financial Planning

We believe in delivering on the Fiduciary Standard of Care. This standard ensures that your Financial Planner focus on You and Your Future; not on product commissions and corporate sales targets.  At OverShare Advice and Planning, LLC we have a passion for planning, a focus on a select group of Clients and a life-long love for fun on two wheels.

Active - Thriving - Engaged

It takes strong Core Beliefs and Guiding Principles about financial planning and investing to navigate the financial world and lead our Clients. We dig deep with our Clients to build plans and portfolios that we believe are a great match. We believe it takes a firm that is diligent about it's own education and growth. We must be prepared to serve our Clients.

Technical Knowledge with Emotional Intelligence

Adventurous Financial Planning requires a delicate balance of both the technical knowledge of a wide variety issues that our Client Families need help navigating together with a greater level of Emotional Intelligence to create a smoother experience for everyone.

Services and Offerings for Our Client Families

Investment Advisory Services and Comprehensive Financial Planning

Investment Strategies

Tax Planning

Asset Allocation

Estate Planning

Education Planning

Trust Accounts

Retirement Planning

Business Owner Planning

Risk Management

Insurance Review

Online Meeting Scheduler

Video Conferencing

Encrypted File and Document Sharing

Mobile Apps

Have an advisor - but don't have a Plan?


You have worked hard, saved a good amount, invested with an advisor or two along with an account on your own, but now there is more at stake and you need a single plan that coordinates all areas of your financial life for today and tomorrow.


Getting your Portfolio to Match your Plan...


Portfolios must be sensitive to investment expenses, income taxes from portfolio activity, the impact of behavioral finance and most importantly it needs to be aligned with your Plan.


Simple Solutions often Require a Complex Understanding...


Complex knowledge works to balance strategies that may need Trust accounts, Private Foundations, Charitable Giving, Business Retirement Plans or diverse Hedging Strategies.


Where to now...

Visitors are encouraged to get to know us better. We believe selecting a Financial Planner for the first time or for the last time requires your to be fully confident and totally comfortable. We want to share more than the typical advisor to help you have what you need to move forward - Confidently.