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Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

An Investment Philosophy is our set of core investment principles and beliefs that guides a our investment decision making processes. Its application in practice is reflected in the way investment portfolios are constructed and managed for you and your family.


Before we begin building your investment portfolio, we have first completed your financial plan. This step-by-step process ensures that OverShare Advice and Planning has gained an appropriate understanding of your investor profile, your history with investing, your tax situation and your primary objectives for each investment account.


Our philosophy is heavily influenced by the Nobel Prize-winning work of of both Dr. Harry Markowitz and Eugene Fama.


Essentially, our investment strategy brings logic, transparency and simplicity to your portfolios. We help you focus on the things you can control, so you can ignore the things you can’t.


Our approach helps you minimize costs, diversify your portfolio and build effective tax strategies. We show you how to take on only the amount of risk you need to take in order to achieve your financial goals.


What’s more, we help you understand the evidence behind it all, helping you feel even more confident in the decisions we make together to best safeguard your financial future.

The Asset Allocation Process


Strategic Asset Allocation is our primary portfolio strategy that involves setting target allocations for various asset classes and rebalancing periodically.


The portfolio is rebalanced to the original allocations when they deviate materially from the initial settings due to differing returns from the various assets.


OverShare Advice and Planning has built a set of model asset allocation portfolios to use a guide that are each connected with an investor profile driven by a variety of factors that include the need for income, growth the balance of risk and return along with time horizon and income tax brackets for each Client Family.


Each individual investment account and overall asset allocation is individualized for every Client. 

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