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We have an Advisor – We don’t have a Plan.


We have an Advisor - We don't have a plan.


You have worked hard, saved a good amount, invested with an advisor or two along with an account on your own, but now there is more at stake and you need a single plan that understands all areas of your financial life for today and tomorrow.

We build a formalized and documented Financial Plan based on your specific set of objectives, financial commitments and the promises you have made to yourself about the future.  We construct multiple scenarios of the future so that you can see the strengths and weakness today and once a Financial Plan is implemented.

At OverShare Advice and Planning, LLC we begin every day with our Core Beliefs. Guiding Principles and Portfolio Foundations about the world of investing and financial planning. With our focus on a select group of Client Families, along with our minimum family portfolio size of $500,000 this strengthens our ability to begin with our Model Asset Allocation Portfolios and transition into a custom and personalized investment account exclusively fashioned for each family.

Most new Client Families need a delicate hand in transitioning from an old advisor to OverShare Advice and Planning, LLC to reduce the negative income tax impact from any necessary account adjustments.

We take time to understand each Client's Investor Profile based on their individual Risk Assessment and outside planning factors that could impact their investment account. Each investment account and overall investment strategy must go through our Portfolio Matching analysis to better match your investment account with your financial plan - Match the Portfolio to the Plan.

Often times, for larger portfolio it may take patience to transition into a portfolio that together we feel is a better fit for you financial plan in order minimize any negative income tax impact.