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Webinars provided by OverShare Advice and Planning, LLC

Visit here often to enjoy a variety of video webinar topics just for you. We have fun sharing ideas and concepts to help you with your decisions around finances and your money.

Upcoming LIVE Webinars

We love sharing with our friends, family and clients. Here our the webinars that we have planned to offer soon. Send us your ideas for new topics to cover to:

Small Business Retirement Plans 

Is a Rollover Right for You? 

Tax Smart Investing 

What amount of risk is right for you? 

Recorded Webinars

Does your Portfolio need Inspiration?
Explore the Roles of ETFs in Long-Term Investing

Join our CEO Mike Kurz, to learn a ton about Exchange-Traded Funds for Portfolios

Special Guests Discuss the Oil and Gas Markets - Is Your Portfolio Prepared?

The Markets Move Quickly - Let Us Help You Get Ready!

7 Summer Financial To-Dos: How many can you get DONE?

Get prepared and be ready for big opportunities!

Six Horrendous Mistakes to Avoid

26 Minutes of great content Financial Planning ideas with a Bonus Mistake #7!