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Services and Pricing

First-Timer Package – $2500

You have saved, you have invested and made plans, but you have grown to the point you would like a formalized and documented financial plan. You have an advisor but don’t have a solid plan. We can help you!

Custom Package – $5000

Comprehensive Financial Planning means different things to different people. That’s why we visit with you first to build your personal proposal. You will be able to review each item that will be addressed in your Custom Package before you decide to move forward.

Business-Owner Package – Starts at $5000

For most Business Owners, they love their business and it’s the baby. It’s likely your largest asset and the one that just may responsible for funding all your personal financial objectives. Through our Business-Owner Package we will help you determine how to use the tax benefits of a company-sponsored retirement plan together with a list of additional strategies to pay for your expected life in retirement.

Portfolio Management – Starts at $7000

Comprehensive Financial Planning is part of everything we do for our Client Families. Investment Planning is only one of those areas that is necessary to deliver on our expectations for your Portfolio Management.

Each investment advisory account we manage for you will combine to meet our minimum investment size of $500,000 and the more you trust us to manage the lower the fee for the additional portfolio tiers will be for your portfolio management.


Next Steps…

Financial Planning and Portfolio Management remains a highly personal and individual engagement. We take our approach very seriously and we hold high expectations for the experience you will have with us. To learn more about how we would work together to get your plan right for you, click here to dig a deeper.