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It is imperative that we work only with Clients that understand the way we serve and how we see the world to build an Alignment Assessment to work together. We begin with sharing our Core Beliefs and Guiding Principles:

Core Beliefs:

• Independence of Thought and Perspective

• Formalized and Documented Planning and Processes

• Hemispherical Mapping and Scoring Method

• Impact of Behavioral Finance and Investor Psychology

• Sensitivity to Portfolio Expenses and Taxes

• Emphasis on Orbital Risk Awareness


Guiding Principles:

• Portfolio Matching

• Asset Allocation

• Diversification

• Asset Class Rebalancing


VISION: Why We Exist…

To do good work that is excellent in quality, socially responsible in advancing our community and meaningful to you, to our beneficiaries and to our team. Dedicated to activities that give us energy.

MISSION: What We Do…

Drive better results with Hemispherical Wealth Management Mapping and Scoring sensitive to both facts and feelings, dependable client coaching and seeking out the beauty in life. Actively sponsoring financial literacy education and research.


Compelled to understand your personal narrative and intended future path. Pairing positive energy with technical expertise to be certain essential planning strategies are not lost, forgotten or left to chance. Adapt to smart technology, deliver a flexible meeting approach with online video meetings and a digital planning experience to collaborate; all for the benefit of your results.