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Volunteer Mentoring at Frisco ISD

INCubatoredu at Frisco ISD High Schools

INCubatoredu curriculum is part of the Frisco ISD’s entrepreneurship course and it has students thriving at Lone Star, Centennial, Heritage and Frisco high schools.

INCubatoredu provides curriculum, resources and training to support the entrepreneurship course, which is offered at all FISD high schools for students in grades 10-12. INCubatoredu also provides a framework for increased business and community involvement to help deepen students’ learning.

Through the curriculum, students analyze a problem and invent a solution through a product of their creation. At the end of the year, they will pitch their product to investors in hope that they will get the funding to turn their business plan into reality.

Each student starts the school year by interviewing ten people to learn about the problems they face. These problems led to brainstorming sessions and eventually product ideas linked to a specific customer base.

The class format is also like no other. Each INCubatoredu class is supported by community partners as coaches or mentors. Frisco ISD has a number of coaches around the District who guide students via lectures and activities in their area of expertise. Each team also has a mentor to guide them through their whole project.

To read an article about the program on, click on the Frisco ISD icon below. To learn more about the INCubatoredu program, go to

Our CEO, Mike Kurz, began volunteering for the program in the winter of 2019 as a Mentor for the Lone Star High School.  He has since been moved into the role of Community Champion for Lone Star and is more involved with helping to grow the outreach to the Frisco Community. Mike would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about this awesome program and help you determine if you would be a great fit for the role of Mentor. 

Are you open-minded to participate and contribute, but not sure if you can find the time, consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Frisco Education Foundation by clicking the cool star icon below.

Please contact Mike directly at or 469-777-6559.  Thank you!