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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do we meet you for the first time?

We are excited to meet you!

We encourage you to get to know us a little through our website that your are visiting now ( along with our social media posts. Scroll to the bottom of this page and we have links to all of our Social Media pages (most are named @OverShareAdvice). We have plenty of adventures and have lots of fun so expect to see all about it. You can also find valuable Financial Planning and Investment Management posts, as well.


After you know our digital profile a bit better and you would like to see if we would be a good fit to work together on your Financial Plan, please follow this link to pick a time for us to visit: Schedule a Meeting Online


How do your fees work?

We are a Fee-Only Registered Investment Adviser firm.

That means we solely offer financial planning and investment advice.

We don't sell annuities or other insurance products and we never receive money from commissions. Client families pay an agreed upon fee based on the documented fee. This eliminates conflicts of interest that would interfere with our ability to act as a fiduciary for our clients. You can visit to learn more about what it means to work with a Fee-Only firm.


How often will we meet?

We believe it is important to be flexible and utilize technology to make it easier for us to partner together. We will meet with you either in person, by phone or with an online video conference. In the early months of building your formalized financial plan, you can expect us to meet often. Once we get the major structure in place, we likely will meet a few times each year for working meetings and possibly a bit more just for fun. Hopefully we will have a chance to go for a bike ride together, too!

We have a limit on the number of new Client Families we will accept each year so that we can dedicate the time necessary to deliver on our service expectations.


Do you send reports on our accounts?

Your investment accounts and assets are held with a custodian (the outside firm that independently accounts for your investments) and they will send reports with transactions and other information on a monthly or quarterly basis. We use TD Ameritrade - Chareles Schwab Institutional as our custodian for the investment accounts we manage for our Client Families. You can access your account online by visiting


How do we differentiate between financial planners?

There are four key components to look at to differentiate financial planners.

Consider the planner’s pay structure. A financial planner who earns money based on commission rather than a flat fee could have an incentive to steer you in a particular direction.

Read the Code of Ethics that your financial planner adheres to as part of their firm. Look for the word “fee-only fiduciary” and language that requires planners to look after your best interests.

You don’t want to confuse planners with stockbrokers who are not Registered Investment Advisers (RIA).  An RIA is in a position to be an advocate for your personal planning and investments and does not sell financial products like a broker, sometimes generically titled financial advisor or financial consultant. 

OverShare Advice and Planning, LLC includes the firm's Code of Ethics in our ADV Part 2 Disclosure Brochure as well as posted on our website here.

Look for a financial adviser who is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP). They have passed a financial planning exam and take mandatory classes on different aspects of the financial planning process as dictated by the Continuing Education requirements.


How do you build portfolios?

At OverShare Advice and Planning, LLC we begin every day with our Core Beliefs, Guiding Principles and Portfolio Foundations about the world of investing and financial planning. 

With our focus on a select group of Client Families, this strengthens our ability to begin with our Model Asset Allocation Portfolios and transition into a custom and personalized investment account exclusively fashioned for each family.

Most new Client Families need a delicate hand in transitioning from an old advisor to us in order to reduce the negative income tax impact from any necessary account adjustments.

We take time to understand each Client's Investor Profile based on their individual Risk Assessment and outside planning factors that could impact their investment account.  Each investment account and overall investment strategy must go through our Portfolio Matching analysis to better match your investment account with your financial plan - Match the Portfolio to the Plan.

Speaking in generalities, we build globally diversified portfolios of stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate.

We focus on broad diversification, income taxes as a result of account activity and internal expenses from each investment offering that may include individual securities, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), private money managers often called Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) or private alternative investments like private equity. 

We utilize use both passive and active investment vehicles.  Specifically we appreciate the attributes of Dimensional Fund Advisors, Vanguard and iShares, just to name a few.


How are my existing investment accounts blended into my new financial plan?

It starts with deep analysis and understanding of your current investment accounts and potential income tax impact as the account sits today. Next we take our understanding of your financial planning objectives and how we can achieve your most important commitments.

Often times, for larger portfolios it may take patience to transition into a portfolio that together we feel is a better fit for you financial plan in order minimize any negative income tax impact.

As a result, we often include portions of your current investments into our investment plan and also incorporate your investment ideas into your plan going forward.


Can you work with my CPA or accountant, attorney or other advisors?

Yes, we are happy to work with your trusted advisors of all types.  In fact, our through financial planning process and detailed analysis allows us to work very well with your professional team.  If you would like for us to meet with your advisor as part of getting to know us and deciding if we are a fit for your team, we are always open to visiting and sharing our approach to financial planning and investment management.

If you need to find a professional advisor, accountant or attorney, we are happy to refer you.


How do I search for a Financial Planner?

Assuming you are looking for a Financial Planner with experience and a certification, you can search for financial planners through various online directories and networks.  We recommend selecting someone that has the Certified Financial Planner designation, operates as a Fee-Only Fiduciary and can build a formalized and documented financial plan unique to you.

These sites below allow you to search by various characteristics like compensation, areas of expertise, geographic location, or even language spoken: