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Intellectual Curiosity drives our imagination to seek out insights from data.

Open to Share

Our name sake is about being open and sharing - "OverShare". That's why post these documents here for your review and for you to have the opportunity to pass along to those you care about.

Knowledge of the Crowd

We believe in utilizing all the available resources and to sift through that data to bring you creative ideas and informed techniques. The information is collected from third-party resources.

Winning Takes Effort

We work toghether with you to build financia plans and investment portfolios that can have the opportunity of achieving your objectives. It takes effort from everyone invovled.

Charts, Graphs and More

Q2 2020 - April, May, June

Compelling Wealth Managment Convesations

Great collection of one pagers and descriptions from Invesco. Check out Page 34 and 46...

Chart Pack from State Street Global Advisors

Key Charts to Help Navigate the Market - Q2 2020

2030 Thematic Roadmap: 150 Trends

Barclays’ Sustainable & Thematic Investing Research team developed a 2030 thematic roadmap outlining 150 trends.

Guide to the Markets 6-30-20

Message from J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Q1 2020 - January, February, March

Market Review Q1 2020

Data from Dimensional Fund Advisors

Oil's Seismic Shock - Global Macro Research

Data from Goldman Sachs - March 31, 2020

Guide to the Markets 3-31-20

Message from J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Market Outlook 3-22-20

Message from Vanguard's Global Chief Economist

Timeless Ideas and Lessons

Recoveries Reward Patience

Message from Vanguard

Lessons from 1974

Message from Capital Group - American Funds

Financial Science

Message from Dimensional Fund Advisors

Diversifying Your Portfolio

Message from Capital Group - American Funds